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Courtship, to put it in old-timey terms, then became a part of the mating process. As history shows us, dating didn't really exist before the 19th century, at least not in the United States.Back then, many marriages were facilitated by parents with the goal of finding their child a spouse that could physically help in maintaining the family home or bear children.It was then paramount for women to quickly obtain some sort of promise that the relationship would continue upon their fella's return.When that happened, "going steady" was solidified with a letterman jacket or class ring.First dates often happened after the guy called the girl on the phone, as the charmingly bumbling video above demonstrates.The date usually happened in a public place, among other teens (think Danny and Sandy's movie date in ); there was lots of talking to get to know each other; and if there was any money spent, the guy paid.First date outfits, first date questions, first date sex — take any or all of it.

It could be dinner and a movie, or it could be a hookup achieved with one Tinder swipe, or both. Indeed, "playing the field" by dating multiple people became more common in this decade, as the liberated women we now know as "flappers" explored sexual boundaries and brought taboos like premarital sex out of the closet.During World War II, trying to find a fella for a first date was a tricky task, because so many had been drafted.There was also a lot of trial and error: If a first date fell flat, then another first date was around the corner, especially for young female coeds with their pick of men for their "MRS" degrees.Starting in the 1960s and into the '70s, free love was on the dating menu.

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