Cost standard system updating

Can someone tell me is the estimate pretty much the market price in average in our area? JDyou payed way to much you got robbed without them puting a gun to your head no pun , a sprinkler head at home depot any where fom 2 - 6 bucks you unscrew the old one and screw on the new one cost 2-6 bucks its the easyest thing on the plant to do 500.00 are you kidding me come on folks commonsence .You seem like a knowledgable and experienced person on this matter.

I have changed the nozzles and sometimes the seals. The effects (wear) water has flowing through the nozzle will decrease the is efficiency and coverage.

It is important you already have a basic understanding of Oracle navigation and Standard Costing Methods.

At a minimum, you will need the Inventory, Bills of Materials and Cost Management responsibilities.

Water pressure, PSI and velocity (speed of water through the pipes)are critical and must be addressed first.

If your installer does not have these numbers for you find someone that will provde it before attempting the installation. High pressure does not equate to unlimited sprinkler heads on a valve.

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