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Fortunately in both cases I "smelt a rat" when they asked for money.Both of them had stolen someone elses identitiy inlcuding photographs. I reported both these to the "abuse manager" at FR - and despite…Read Full Review This site was a big disappointment.Out of 30 pages of people (300 people) in a 50 mile radius there were only 10 actaully active.I wrote to admin explaining this, and also suggesting a few improvements, but thet replied some 3 days later, saying they deemed my…Read Full Review This site appears to have the highest ratio per members of "Scammers".

Read Full Review In my experience of FRD, i would say do not waste your money subscribing.

When you cancel the subscription and ask for your money back they say its on their payment page.

To add insult to injury their staff are rude when you speak to them refuse to assist and say you should be more careful in…

Read Full Review I have been using FRD for about 4 weeks now.

I have received several hundred winks / hugs / kisses etc.

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