Consolidating sql servers best practices

A recent TPC-E workload study demonstrated that in typical situations, virtual machines provide 90 percent to 98 percent of the native physical performance, even for larger 8 v CPU configurations.

Mutiple SQL Server virtual machines can be consolidated onto a shared ESXi host with minimal impact to individual virtual machines.

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Virtual machine combinations were tested on current-generation hardware to show that v Sphere 6 can handle hundreds of thousands of online transaction processing (OLTP) database operations per minute.

IT departments have been undertaking database consolidation projects for many years, hoping to rein in the costs associated with rapidly increasing number and size of databases supporting a multitude of applications.

Unfortunately, conventional database consolidation solutions are painful and require significant tradeoffs.

No changes are required to the operating system or SQL Server versions, and no application migration is required.

Even the IP address and server name remain unchanged.

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