Consolidating service provider points of presence

Debt consolidation products and services come in many different forms, from balance transfers to lines of credit to short-term loan products, all designed to repackage debt into a manageable package to benefit borrowers and creditors alike.

The need for secure and reliable credit card processing has grown in parallel with the debt consolidation industry and its expanding array of products and services. Credit card debt averages ,061 per cardholder and ,662 per household.

Tran Zlytics also offers advanced real-time reporting for faster and better use of CRM data.

Payment descriptors are registered with a Chargeback Alerts program; re-presentments are pre-integrated with the gateway.

Tran Zlytics Gateway: Choosing the right gateway provider is critical for high-risk merchants and their processors. Tran Zlytics offers high risk merchants a Gateway and HUB built from the ground up for high-risk and CNP merchants.

The solution includes transaction analytics and fraud prevention and built-in advanced chargeback management.

Think of Tranzlytics as a Debt Consolidation Payment HUB with the IQ of Einstein and the memory of an elephant.Visa and Mastercard can impose penalties and fines in the tens of thousands on payment processors and their sponsoring banks for continuing to process transactions for merchants that exceed the permissible 2 percent chargeback ratio.Non-compliant processors and banks may also be subjected to further scrutiny and potential shut-down by card brands and regulators.Online CNP transactions involve credit card gateways that transmit payments from merchants to their payment processors.Following is a list of recommended attributes of payment gateways that address the unique requirements of debt consolidation industries: Many debt consolidation companies need multiple merchant accounts to support their diversified array of training programs.

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