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For this very reason, we only kept companies that took “soft pulls” on your credit upon applying.

Unlike “hard pulls,” these are mainly for your records, meaning the lender itself won’t investigate your credit beforehand.

In our tester’s case, the reason given was having “too few open trades,” meaning she may not have had enough open credit cards to qualify.

Prosper is more lenient about debt-to-income (DTI) ratios than our other top picks.

These are the administrative fees a lender charges — basically, the payment it takes for setting you up with a loan.

The best debt consolidation loans fold high-interest debt from several sources into a single, manageable payment with a lower interest rate, ultimately helping you pay off everything faster.

They should also offer you the amount of money you need with minimal fees, helpful resources, and excellent communication.

Prosper denied us, but explained to us in transparent terms the reason our tester had been declined.

That gave us some insight into whether it was a problem we could fix, either by building up our credit history, or finding a co-signer, rather than leaving us wondering what happened.

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