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Lyrically, Better Oblivion Community Center is bursting with sentimentality—whether it’s nostalgia for a past romance, a brief memory that still resonates or the romanticism of an idyllic American town—and perhaps that’s why this record feels so familiar on a spiritual level.

There’s a frustration that relationships aren’t as simple or happy-go-lucky as they are in movies.

Bridgers’ voice is like a grand, flowing waterfall—gorgeous on its face, but you’d be foolish to underestimate its sheer force.

Her vocals are capable of suddenly evolving into a thunderous tidal wave, and perhaps her most lethal vocal state is her devastating tsunami of gloom.

One could even argue, the two songwriters—age 24 and 38 respectively—are like long-lost musical siblings.

“I don’t think we really knew it was going to be a full record or project,” says Oberst. Oberst and Bridgers have toured together and Oberst contributed vocals to Bridgers’ song, “Would You Rather.” Bridgers met Oberst while opening for him in 2016 on his solo tour in Los Angeles and after the show, Oberst asked for a copy of her record.“It always felt like a band, so for the most part, we were like, ‘We should sing in unison’ and then I sing harmony, usually, but I made Conor sing some harmony to mix it up. A lot of it emerged during the writing process too, just what we naturally sang.” “I felt like it was cooler that way,” Oberst chimes in, “to have our voices together as much as possible.” Oberst also mentions their desire to dodge the folky troubadour stamp by making a dynamic record with several sonic reference points.Though much of the record could still loosely fall into the folk camp, there are moments that you wouldn’t expect from Oberst and Bridgers.“Ooh I have many favorite songs in Conor’s catalogue.I think my favorite as of late, is ‘Mamah Borthwick,’ off his last record,” says Bridgers.

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