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A lifelong Republican, Wilkerson was party to the meetings of the senior Bush officials who decided what “enhanced interrogation techniques” would be used on which “illegal enemy combatants”.

He alleged that it was Rice, as chair of this “Group of Principals”, who personally signed off menu of CIA activities including water-boarding, sleep deprivation, and stress positions, supposedly sending CIA director George Tenet on his merry way with the words, “this is your baby, go do it”.

He was also adamant in his quiet conviction that the only good thing to come out of such acts of inhumanity was that the Nuremberg trials and the Geneva Conventions established that they could happen “never again”.

This film connects the dots between Rice as Chair of the Group of the Principals, to the CIA, to the prisoners who endured the violent acts she allegedly authorised.Consequently, we only had a limited theatrical run.The failure to sell the film, and to pay my team, has been very painful for me.Congressman David Price castigated her for failing to provide oversight over private contractors in Iraq and accused her of covering up the 2007 Nisour Square massacre.Spike Lee berated her jolly outing to see Spamalot while families were drowning in New Orleans.

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