Common internet dating lies

With so many women skirting the truth regarding their weight you need to make sure you get a recent photo before getting too committed.Women often have a very different image of themselves in their head than what you find when you meet them so don't assume their error was malicious. A full one-fifth of women are using old photos that no longer accurately represent what you are getting yourself into.This article is going to cover the online dating lies that you’ll definitely see if you have ever tried making a dating profile and interacting with other guys online. I think every guy I’ve ever talked to has told me that he’s 6 feet tall.

The Opinion Matters study found that the average woman subtracts around nine pounds from her true weight with about 16% “forgetting” about fourteen or more pounds.

Some sites, like those found in our , are a little more honest than others.

Whether you are a seasoned online dater, a newbie, or looking to get into it for the first time it is good to know where women are most likely stretching the trugh. Women are under tremendous pressure to remain light.

When you’re dating online it’s inevitable that you’ll come across liars and every once in a while somebody has a crazy, outlandish lie that you catch right off the bat.

That’s not what this is about the average lies we say on a first date.

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