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The first medals were awarded by the Hebrew high priest Jonathan to soldiers in the fourth century BCE for assistance to Alexander the Great.

Medallions have since been awarded for military, sport, academic and other achievements.

I encourage you to build on your academic and personal achievements and keep your enduring quest for learning alive.From the beginning, we attracted serious adult learners who, by choice or circumstance, had postponed their formal studies.Throughout the last 48 years, the college has continued to be a leader in providing a high-quality education for adults.Specific academic subjects determine the color of the trimmings of doctoral gowns, edging of hoods and tassels of caps.For example, arts, letters and humanities call for white; commerce, accounting and business, olive brown; and education, light blue. SUNY Empire State College has a tradition of presenting an academic medallion with the college’s orange-colored ribbon to graduates.

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