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The archive features countless newspaper articles and reviews (dating as far back as 1958), more than 1,600 publications and recordings, flat files of posters and ephemera, and a dozen Special Collections.It is housed across approximately 200 feet of shelf space.The gadflies prosper, and the power structure remains the same.Where but Cincinnati would a newspaper pay million, as the Cincinnati Enquirer did a few years ago, to a billionaire businessman (Carl Lindner) and pull a long investigative series about his banana company without so much as an explanation of what, if anything, was untruthful in the story? Lindner defeated a grass-roots effort to build a new baseball stadium in Over-the-Rhine, where residents hoped it could spark a community revival.Additionally, we are in the process of launching a searchable database of our holdings.This week's riots give Cincinnati expatriates of a certain age an eerie feeling.We lived -- my parents still live -- in North Avondale, a liberal paradise, as I've come to realize.

Betty also said her husband was armed and ready for any strangers nearing our cul-de-sac.

Downtown Cincinnati has had its troubles, but it never became a ghost town.

The department stores closed, but hotels and a convention center and a lovely addition to the public library were built.

I often think that Marge Schott, who shocked everyone with her pro-Hitler remarks a few years back when she still owned the Cincinnati Reds, most likely came by her ideas innocently in a community so sealed off that the views of the 1930's German Bund went unchallenged.

Traditions lazily persist in Cincinnati, some for the better, some for the worse.

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