Christopher egan who is he dating

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Tom Wisdom plays the archangel Michael, who also get some shirtless screentime.

Christopher Andrew Egan (born 29 June 1984) is an Australian actor.

The two don’t make a magical connection with one another, but Keegan does hit it off with his second date, Jessie.

Their round of football while covered in mud led to the show’s first censoring blunders, as the sequence revealed some frontal nudity from both Keegan & Jessie for a few seconds.

Egan was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

The biggest takeaway from the episode, though, is that Keegan is absolutely gorgeous.

Christopher Egan stars and gets a fair amount of shirtlessness in the pilot, along with the previously-mentioned shower sequence.

He’s joined in the showers by Jonathan Howard and several other nude extras.

While Syfy’s Dominion has sadly tapered off in terms of nudity after the first few episodes, it hasn’t grown shy of showing off some shirtless scenes featuring the male cast.

Lead actors Tom Wisdom and Christopher Egan both shed their shirts in the science fiction drama’s fourth episode.

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