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For instance, after I told him I’m a grammar nerd, he corrected my ‘your’ to ‘you’re,’ but then said he’d forgive me if I went out with him,” recalls the 22-year-old.“Yet, when we met for our first real date, he wasn’t anything like he was over text!Now that I'm a parent, I sympathize/empathize with the Mom and Dad roles. If you invite the son's girlfriend on the "family vacation" it will no longer be a family vacation. You can throw out the idea of experiencing the vacation as a "family".obxgirl, the other 2 kids in the family are girls so 17 yo son will bunk on the living room's couch, extra guest or not.Melissa Beckoff, Dad and I both have mixed feelings on this and willing to see it from other points of view. There is a time and place for this sort of thing, and we never thought that including a teenage girlfriend was appropriate (even if her parents would agree) or neccessary.The reality of the matter is he'll be 18, off to college, and soon a young man. Now if I were having a holiday when I would invite lots of people outside of the immediate family, then of course, my children could invite a friend too.But experts say that even though it may seem like you’re getting to know the person better before your date, it’s actually a false sense of intimacy — and you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.“It’s a trend we’ve coined ‘premature escalation,’ ” explains Emily Morse, a sex and relationship expert and host of the “Sex With Emily” podcast on i Tunes. by the time you meet your partner for an actual date, you’ve built up this whole image and fantasy in your head of who you think they are, and then they turn out to be totally different.” That’s what happened to Kenny Thapoung, an editorial assistant from Bed-Stuy.

Good luck; you'll probably be met with howls of protest if you follow my advice!

Do you want to risk being subjected to one of them while you're on vacation?

For a lot of reasons, the answer to your question is, as the lawyers say, categorically no.

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For more information about your privacy and protection, please review our full Privacy Policy. I have a nearly 17 year old son and no, I wouldn't invite a girlfriend.

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