Christian single dating shining star site

For several years we had 600 to 800 active members and have been informed of nearly one hundred successful matchings resulting in marriage. In 1996, our expenses for advertising consistently exceeded our income and we decided to stop magazine advertising and phase out the service for good.We began to advertise over the Internet and changed our service so that members would apply first, be told how many matches they had in the system, and only pay for the number of matches.I had been programming database applications for several years and said, "I'll program a service for you and make it affordable to everyone." I created an application with Fox Pro and we started advertising in Christian magazines.

In 1992, my mother wanted to join a Christian Singles dating service, but the cost was so high she just couldn't afford it.

No matter which state you’re in, or which city, you may have a particular fancy that can only be satisfied with the companionship of a particular type of woman.

Some men choose their prospective date by their hair color or body shape, and then there are others who specifically seek a busty, fetish or roleplaying escort model.

Their looks will blow your mind as soon as you will look into those deep sexy eyes and feel this athletic body next to you.

Don’t be afraid to experiment when you have such excellent partners as any of our ladies.

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