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Dating for us is so much more than two people liking themselves.

It is about two people who decide they are ready to take steps toward the marriage covenant as a symbol of their commitment to God and each other.

If this is true, then it explains why attraction is often temporary and not a good indicator of a lasting commitment.

While dating gives room for intimacy, we notice that the world places more emphasis on physical intimacy as a test for compatibility.

For you are not to be: One thing the world is very fuzzy about is the why of dating.

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We unconsciously celebrate those in relationships and deride those who are still single, painting a picture of loneliness and despair. As a romantic, I will confess that books and romance movies influenced my dating past.The truth is that we have no business dating (no matter how amazing the person is) if God is not in our relationship and we are not guided by God’s word.This may seem extreme to you but have you considered the impact dating the wrong person could have on your life?But basing our decision to date on attraction is a slippery slope to nowhere.Studies have shown that different things influence our attraction – our experiences, they way they look and even the weather.

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