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• What new recipes you would like try cooking together?• How do you think cooking together improved our teamwork?• In what ways do you feel blessed in our marriage?• What is the best gift I’ve ever given you and why is it so special? • Is there a particular church service or ceremony we’ve attended that was especially meaningful to you? • What is your favorite appliance or piece of furniture that we’ve bought together?• What one person in your life has been most influential in shaping your view of God? • What have you been learning during your times of personal prayer and Scripture reading? • How can we continue to help each other grow spiritually on a regular basis? • Your dream could be something as simple as learning how to sew or cook or as grandiose as owning property on a lake or going on a trip around the world. • If so, how can I support you in achieving those dreams?Are there things you set aside when we got married that you’d like to consider pursuing? • Where do you hope to be in your career 10 years from now? • What goals do you have for our marriage in the years ahead? Is there anything significant you’d like to achieve before you die? • What aspects of our relationship do you want to enhance together on the road ahead? • How can we encourage good manners in our home without becoming legalistic?

All right then, start getting to know your spouse even better.

Keep meaningful conversation going on your next date with your spouse by using a few questions from the following lists.

Here are several questions you and your spouse might consider asking each other as you endeavor to evoke fond memories or make new ones during the course of the date.

• Do you prefer activities that are more physical in nature or those that provide a mental challenge? • What were some of your favorite things to play as a child? • How important is our home environment now to creating good memories for us and our children? • How can we create and maintain traditions for our marriage and family?

• If you had unlimited time and funds, what hobby would you pursue? • Did you have special traditions in your family growing up? • Whom did you consider your best friend as a child?

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