Christian counseling relationship dating

Invigorate your marriage ministry by using the power of an assessment to enrich the experience.Counselors of all types use Blessings Christian Dating to quickly understand the couple at the dyadic and individual level, allowing you to help them navigate the dynamics and complexity of their relationship.

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Blessings Christian Dating Counselors work with dating, engaged, or married couples in churches, counseling centers, and communities.

A person with a conscience cannot violate their marriage vows and feel good about themselves.

Even if they somehow have convinced themselves they are justified, the cost to the family is too high.

Pastors and church leaders long to give couples in their congregation the gifts of awareness, understanding, and skills to assist them on a path to a healthy, life-long relationship.

Blessings Christian Dating illuminates insights so your time spent with couples can be focused where couples actually need help navigating.

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