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Try visiting The Violet Hour in Wicker Park for a romantic evening, where patrons must turn off their phones.More and more, men and women are splitting checks on dates, for a variety of reasons.Winter in Chicago is viewed as a great time to commit, as there’s less to do outdoors.Also, traveling between neighborhoods is slow in the snow, and snuggling up against the cold is better with a lover.However, proximity plays an enormous role in match-making, even online.Ok Cupid found Chicagoans are much more likely to continue online conversations with potential dates living in the same neighborhood (or off the same L line) than with people far away.

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Of course, the “friend zone” can pose a problem if romance is the goal from the get-go.

The distance factor comes into play more often in winter than in summer, for obvious reasons.

When it’s freezing cold, snowy, or just plain grey, no one wants to travel more than necessary to meet up.

One thing surveys have found over and over is that women, far more than men, consider checking your phone constantly on a first date to be a big turn-off.

Only 10% of women, compared to 25% of men, see this as acceptable behavior.

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