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There is a museum dedicated to him in the house where he was born - a beautiful 16th-century private mansion.

Step into the famous poet's world, with documents, manuscripts, engravings, illustrations, art objects and also La Fontaine's study.

Ruinée par l'occupation anglaise durant la guerre de Cent Ans, Château-Thierry est prise par Charles Quint au XVI siècle puis continue de se développer sous l'ancien régime au sein de la province de Champagne.

Théâtre d'une bataille décisive en 1918 durant laquelle l'armée américaine repousse une contre-offensive allemande, la ville est également affectée par la bataille de France en mai 1940.

A fortress is established under the Carolingians and the city then depends on the county of Champagne.

Ruined by the English occupation during the Hundred Years War, Château-Thierry was taken by Charles V in the sixteenth century and then continues to develop under the old regime within the province of Champagne.

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The balconies offer the perfect perch for looking out or being above it all- with views reaching from thewide panorama of the spreading city to the twinkling lights of tinsel town, down the pulsing beat of sunset strip and deep into lush green of the hotel garden.At night one can unwind to the soporific lullaby of gentle conversation, laughter and clinking glasses wafting up from below through an open window or drift into a deep and sentient sleep in the deep luxe of sheets simultaneously soft and crisp head cradled by the most perfect pillow. Nestling at the heart of the Marne Valley, at the foot of the Champagne appellation hillside vineyards, the small town of Château-Thierry was the birthplace of the famous fable author Jean de La Fontaine, born in 1621.From April to All Saints' Day (early November) you can watch flight displays with birds of prey - the eagles of Château-Thierry - on the castle esplanade.Every year in May, the town of Château-Thierry hosts the Jean de La Fontaine festival, a cultural and artistic event dedicated to music, theatre and dance.

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