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Vaping gear might attract young people who do not know what it is to play or handle it.Not to mention the health hazards in case your young adult ingests e-liquid which contains nicotine and could lead to poisoning.Otherwise, your teenage curiosity and the drive to explore new things could lead to the development of an unhealthy habit.If you’re going for the alternative to smoking, make sure not to allow your kids access to your vaping equipment.The growing influence of vaping subculture in social media can easily influence teens to start vaping or smoking.Talk to your kids and let them know all the downsides of that cool, rebellious look that comes with the smoking.

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It’s estimated that around 1,300 people die because of smoking every day.

According to the same source, for every death caused by cigarettes, there are two healthy young adults or teens that pick up smoking for the first time.

No one can say what it is exactly that makes young people start smoking.

Here are a few theories put forth for why they start smoking.

A survey conducted by CDC which included middle and high school kids from almost every state in the US showed an astonishing picture.

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