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I have been watching reruns every night and notice a lot inconsistencies now.

Like Rose said she was allergic to cats, the next episode was about how they all met and she had to move out of her old apartment b/c she had a cat.

They all had their own massive bedrooms, so it wasn't like any of them was sharing. One time, he died in the hospital, the second, I believe he had a heart attack and died after he and Rose had sex.

I think if you did the math on all of Sophia's "Picture it, Sicily..." stories, she would have been about 120 by the end of the series.

From that position he pounds away as her small boobs shake with each thrust.

Sitting down on the couch, Damon watches as Piper climbs on top of him and goes to town riding his fuck stick.

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The ladies let their emotions take over as their bodies do the talking Ashley Fires in her first ever interracial anal sex scene taking Sean Michael big black cock in the ass in several positions including Ashley riding that big pole.

Her punishment is a deep throat blowjob that leaves her bald pussy dripping for more.

Damon obliges, laying her down on the couch and pushing deep into her tight spinner fuck hole.

Having another chick in made the whole thing even more exciting cuz one of the gals knew what was about to happen and another one was just curious.

Watching these teen cuties get naked and have some lesbian fun, then fucking them both and having them share a cumshot was the best audition ever, period.

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