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There is a separate article on this website about the serial numbers which contains a table and an explanation of how to use this table to determine age. I have read that they can reach up to ,000 so a great item to have in your watch collection.I own several Elgin pocket watches and they all have different values.I am a sucker for something that I like and this particular one was a 1902 Elgin ladies Gold Filled Hunters watch.It had some slight damage on the outer case but not much.

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Once you have this important number then you can find the date when the watch was made.

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Attempting to find the Elgin pocket watch value for an individual watch is not an easy thing to determine.

Many people make this initial mistake and then struggle to determine the watch’s true age and potential value.

Just remember that the serial number we require can be found on what is often referred to as the workings of the watch or the actual movement.

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