Cfengine client not updating

This dæmon controls security and directory access for all client machines connecting to it.

cfagent is the client program for running cfengine on hosts.

If there are configuration files to copy, the ones active on the client host will be replaced by the copies on the cfengine server.

(Cfengine will not replace a file if the copy process is partial or incomplete.) A cfengine implementation has three major components: The cfservd is the master dæmon, configured with /etc/cfservd.conf, and it listens on port 5803 for connections to the cfengine server.

Bas van der Vlies | Operations, Support & Development | SURFsara | Science Park 140 | 1098 XG Amsterdam | T 31 (0) | [email protected]| will be obsoleted after bootstrap is run.

CFengine prevent to copy to a symbolic that points to a directory.

When updating masterfiles, wait (usually 5 minutes) for files to propagate to inputs on 145.1 before retrying.

We don't want 800 servers updating within the same ten minutes.The primary reason for using both is to engage cfengine's logging system.This is accomplished using the following: as a cron entry on Linux (unless Solaris starts to understand */10).My problem is that I need to be able to apply separate policys depending on the server.I looked all over their documentation, and I cannot find ... For simplicity's sake, I am using a virtual machine with a fresh (with updates installed) version of Ubutu Server.

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