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Does this mean that local kosher consumers will finally have some good news as it relates to prices? Will somebody start a slanderous rumor about Rabbi Marmorstein's supervision, since he's not with the RCBC?

Will the new kosher section at the Paramus Shop-Rite be able to compete? Will Harold's, across the street, be able to survive?

With no Chinese-born architects in Chicago at the time, Chicago-born Norse architects Christian S. Rognstad were asked to design the new On Leong Merchants Association Building in spring, 1926.Easton combined the two levels together, despite protests from ethnic Chinese parents.The Dan Ryan Expressway and the Stevenson Expressway intersect over the southside of Chinatown.Over time, most parts of the liturgy, traditions, and practices of the church of Constantinople were adopted by all, and still provide the basic patterns of contemporary Orthodoxy.Thus, the Eastern Church came to be called "Greek" Orthodox in the same way that the Western Church is called "Roman" Catholic. The current territory of the Greek Orthodox Churches more or less covers the areas in the Balkans, Anatolia, and the Eastern Mediterranean that used to be a part of the Byzantine Empire.

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