Cat lover dating site

Things can get more complicated when you have pets of your own and you want to merge your two pet-families together.Make sure you discuss things with your partner and you’re both happy with any arrangements you need to make.Because of the intelligence of online dating, you can meet singles in your local area that are interested in the same things as you.This includes fellow cat lovers that want the same sort of dating experience as you. You add your interests and what you are looking for and the website matches you with those that are into the same things.What really sets this app apart, though, is the GPS locator component, which could effectively allow you to find Snuggles a play date within a five-block radius of your home.

Since Tinder hit the scene in 2012, it’s spawned a million copycat apps that also use GPS technology. Tag A Cat, which lets users find cat-loving contacts in their area by viewing photos of—you guessed it—cats.If you’ve got an adorable feline in your life, why not mention it on your profile?Although we do want to remind you that a cat is for life, not just until you find your dream girl.They’re cute, they’re playful, they’re loveable – but what about their cat?Cats are the notorious best friend of singles, so chances are you’re bound to come across a few cat lovers during your time on the dating scene.

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