Castle rock accommodating iol

We've lived here for a couple of years now and like it a lot.

It's a bit on the expensive side, but of all the apartments in the area, we thought this one was (and is) the nicest.

I met with the leasing consultant Natasha And she very professionally got right to work on assessing my very specific needs.

They didn't seem to have any issues replacing our dryer with a new one when we had an issue with it.During the tour, i was impressed with the groundskeeping and it was so quiet i forgot how near we were to a busy freeway! It had the seclusion i desired as it was tucked away at the far end of the property.It was nestled in a ground floor setup just overlooking the freeway at the foot of the Moreno Valley mountain range.Now i wake up daily to a beautiful view of an area i live in. Amenities aside, it’s a bit of a hidden gem in Canyon Crest and i plan on calling it home for a long time.We moved in about 6 months ago and have never been happier.

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