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Her opinion towards her changes, however, when Ce Ce tries to manipulate Serena's then-boyfriend, Dan Humphrey, and his father into staying away from her during the cotillion due to their low social standing.In the second season, Ce Ce is recovering from cancer and has changed her views on life and attempts to aid Dan in winning Serena back at the White Party.Instead Caroline lives in a Park Avenue mansion while Ed owns an apartment in Manhattan’s West Village close to his office.The two seem to only unite for family occasions and those close to the couple say that the marriage for all intents and purposes ended years ago.Kathleen Faye Donovan, the daughter of Carol Crabtree Donovan and Daniel P. The bride, who is taking her husband’s name, works in Addison, Tex., as a litigation associate at Geary, Porter & Donovan, a law firm in which her father is a partner.

Upon her introduction in season one, Ce Ce is adored by her granddaughter Serena, who sees her as a free spirit and looks up to her.

According to the April 22nd print edition of GLOBE, when Caroline decided to take a high profile ambassadorship to Japan, it was the final straw for Ed.

He actually issued her an ultimatum- either their marriage or this job- and she chose the prestigious position over her husband.

Supposedly, President Obama has known that Caroline has been looking for an excuse to leave NYC and he thought that this position was the perfect solution.

Unfortunately, her three kids don’t agree, as they can’t understand why their parents’ marriage is in such bad shape.

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