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It's this ability to so move his audience that makes him such a wonderful artist.

Makes me want to get married just to have this as my wedding song.. Speaks to the soul will make you deal good It's a beautiful Christmas song 🎤 Un Alma Mas I love all of josh's songs I especially love this one because I'm Italian I love every song Josh: D Now maybe this is my favorite... I really really love this song Brave Beautiful, uplifting song with great lyrics, a good beat, and terrific orchestration. This song is beautiful from the beginning because it let to listen the classic sound as violin and other modern sounds, the lyrics is perfect inspires you to fight and see life from another point What are you stupid!

For me the chorus is what makes this song beautiful, he sings beautifully when he sings in different languages.

For now, I know that God will lift my heart, He will break the silence, and He will shine to guide me in my times of trouble. Oceano I can understand why this isn't in the top 10 but definitely shouldn't be this low on the list.

Even though the main lyruc is "Remember Me", the title of the song is "Remember". When I found the artist that sang this haunting song I have listened to him since Come on this should be first Awake One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, if not the most... This is what I disovered, his songs are meaningful, full of wonder and melody. It never fails to remind me of dancing alone to music that touched me.

As an incredibly huge Groban fan (pre-illuminations mostly), It's easily in my top five. When I first heard the song you raise me up I decided to find more about josh groban. Mi Morena I've played the utube video of this performance many times.

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