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It would be nice if there was art someday to go with the sex scenes, but I understand that art that could match the quality of the other components is not something that just comes out of thin air.

I do recommend that people play other adult RPG Maker games before playing this one, just so you can recognize the parodies that are going on, and the roads being deliberately not taken.

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And remember, you can be a women as much as you can be a man - we have what you need, whatever sexual preferences you have.

No need to grind for hours or lose to every enemy to find the content. I haven't had much Girls chat sov playing games, of any kind, for ages, and it has really left me frustrated, because gaming has always been a big hobby.

Not only will you adventure in a world where sex is a weapon, you'll build a harem of fully-realized characters with their own reasons for being with you The protagonists are all brilliant: I'm used to finding characters in porn games attractive that is, after all, the pointbut I don't think I've ever Girls chat sov to like them before. The sexuality is handled with what can only be described as a frightening amount of maturity.

I love the fact that the characters have emotional bonds and reasons for being, even characters like Yarra and Qum.

The quality of the writing, and the fact that the game is so much more than a vehicle for sex scenes, really make it a stand out piece.

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