C self updating application

We're proud to announce that wy Build is the first commercial offering of an Automatic Updater component. Impress your current and potential users with your quick turnaround to bug reports. All of this is done completely behind the scenes so your updates work perfectly for computers with multiple users.

With the free and open source Automatic Updater control you can match the quality of Windows Update or the Google Chrome Updater by just adding a simple control to your . You can change wy Update's look by using any one of the professional themes or, if inspiration strikes, create your own design.

wy Update can work in either standalone mode or fully integrated automatic update mode.

Standalone-update mode is made for people who aren't using .

A user will always be able to check for updates, and will only be prompted for a password if the user doesn't have access to the folders or registry that need to be updated. wy Update will automatically detect, download, and install newer versions of itself.

Once you've built and uploaded your updates to your website, your users can easily update your software using wy Update or the Automatic Updater control. And the best part is that you don't have to lift a finger.

wy Build, wy Update, & the Automatic Updater control are fully compatible with Windows 2000 through Windows 10 (including all Windows Server products).

NET downloads the XML file containing update information from your server.

If latest version of the software is greater then current version of the software installed on User's PC then Auto Updater. If user press the update button to update the software then It downloads the update file (Installer) from URL provided in XML file and executes the installer file it just downloaded.

With the simple interface you'll be able to preview your results instantly.

Simply drag & drop your files directly into wy Build.

Limited users can check for updates without needing Administrator privileges and, if an update is found, Windows UAC prompts the user for an administrator password only if the limited user doesn't have permission to the folder.

wy Update can check for updates even on limited user accounts on all Windows versions (Windows 2000 through Windows 10).

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