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The full XML specification can be read here, although, as we'll see shortly, .

NET gives you the tools to write valid XML automatically.

We therefore define attributes of the element in the form attribute="value".

For example, if we need more than one piece of information to describe an element, we might like to include those multiple pieces of information within a single tag.For example, take the following XML files, both of which describe some data: The first file specifies genres of movies, while the second specifies different types of camera film.But, as the consumers of these files, how can we differentiate between them? An XML namespace allows us to qualify an element in the same way as telephone area codes qualify phone numbers.The way we'd interpret the plain text file would be dependent on how we designed our own format.No information exists to tell others what the actual data means, its order, or how to parse (read) it in other projects.

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