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Memorable Moment: When he sent home a contestant after forgetting her name, and then handed her rose to a woman whose name he really had a handle on. Memorable Moment: Oh, wait, the fact that she ended up marrying should-have-been-the-runner-up Chris! I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed the producers' push for Bob as "The Funny Bachelor," who was rendered as some sort of comedian just because he didn't possess the looks of a Ken doll. "Memorable Moment: Bob Guiney has allegedly slept with more women than any other Chris' personality wasn't so much the problem as was his series of really uncomfortable mumblings and stares into space as he basically wished he was back on his Iowan farm.

Instead of having a cocktail party on the first night, Charlie eschewed tradition and ended up doing body shots with the new contestants. Memorable Moment: When he granted winner Sarah Brice with a promise ring that she later sold on e Bay when the pair broke up. She was the Canadian Miley Cyrus, rocked some mad crop tops, and got some with Nick Viall without apologizing for it.

OK, OK, I know that throwing the original Bachelor up this high on the list is tantamount to treason, but hear me out.

Though he was an ideal catch on paper (fulfilling ABC's quest for a "businessman," Alex holds a degree from Harvard Business School), he was a little dull for my tastes.

When you turn on ABC on Monday nights at 8 p.m., you are guaranteed to experience a truly entertaining two hours, watching men and women go through various horrendous trials of courtship, hopefully to end up in blissful matrimony, but most likely just heading home, sobbing the back of a limo.

Though the contestants don't always end up happy, the fans of galaxy is replete with many stars, a season burns brightest when there is not only a great Bachelor/Bachelorette, but also when the cast is particularly interesting.

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