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Think of the women who are victims of honour-based violence every single day.Think of the women who often lose their lives when they stand up for their right to choose.Whether it’s carefully crafted remarks such as ‘My daughter Bushra* was married at 19,’ or ‘My son Imran* is looking for a wife,’ the hints and comments are .

‘I’m not talking to you until you tell your mum about us,’ said apparent pro-footballer-before-he-broke-his-leg, Amir* after we’d exchanged approximately four messages. ’ said investment banker Zohaib* after about half an hour of talking.Do not be concerned for women like me who have the choice and who will not be defined by marriage. I’m not sorry if the idea of opposing ‘sell-by dates’ and instead choosing to get degrees, secure our dream jobs, travel the world, build a career, buy our own houses, our own cars and give everything to ourselves, (married or not) isn’t enough for you.It’s enough for us, and that’s all that should ever matter.Whether we decided to get married tomorrow, next month, next year or in ten years time, that’s our decision, not yours. There are women across the world who have no choice but to get married.So the next time you give me a lecture, think of those who are children that are forced into marriage.

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