Brandi lyle dating song

If there’s any hope for the future of mainstream country music, it lies in songwriters like Lori Mc Kenna.

Whenever you see a quality song from a major label country artist, it’s uncanny how often Lori Mc Kenna’s name comes up in the songwriting credits.

“A Star Is Born” is a big moment for Americana music.

Hall, Traivs Howard, Waylon Payne When we broach the exercise of whittling down the field of songs of a given year to a list of a chosen few to be considered Song of the Year, we’re not looking for booty shakers or boot scooters.

We’re looking for those songs that through the power of words and music, hit you so deeply, you’re a different person after you’re done listening.

All across the fruited plain of America and beyond there are thousands and thousands of people that when they hear a modern country song, they shudder and wonder just what the hell has happened to the music they once loved; the music their parents and grandparents listened to.

Michael Bolton sings a personalized birthday song in epic fashion, complete with the name of your favorite birthday boy or girl.

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