Brandi drinking and dating

From social media blunders to bedroom escapades, Brandi withholds nothing.

Each chapter is inspired by a relationship encounter she has had since her sensational divorce from actor Eddie Cibrian.

I've been separated and then divorced for almost as long as I was married…

"Brandi then informs us of the three permanent reminders from her marriage – her two boys and HPV.

The answer was simple: drinking, dating, and occasionally medicating… I never seemed to have a problem getting f—ked – good or bad.""It's been five years since my life was forever changed.– is used so frequently that the book would have been about 30 pages shorter without it. Every page contains a hashtag – I assume to make Brandi look funny and edgy.Most of this chapter rehashes her marriage to Eddie and the hurt his affair and marriage to Leann Rimes caused her and her two boys.She warns us to #See Your Doctor and recites some scary HPV statistics. Brandi goes on to embrace all of her embarrassing moments!“I went through hell and back, but I’m here, I’m breathing, and I’m still using wildly inappropriate language at the worst possible moments. I’ve embraced being a single mom and created a very happy life for my boys and me.

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