Boundaries dating persona 4 dating more than one girl

This boundary comes down to respect, and it's all about personal preference.

Some couples can playfully call each other names and say things like "omg, I'm going to kill you," and it's no big deal.

Or maybe the idea of your partner (or anyone) knowing your passwords makes you uncomfortable.

What you share is an important boundary, because if you don't set it, you could end up feeling violated.

They're not just how your partner can or can't treat you.Violating sexual boundaries isn't just unhealthy, it's abuse, and in many cases, it's a crime.These boundaries don't just include what you're comfortable doing in the bedroom, but how often and with whom.set some ground rules and expect them to be respected.You can be ride or die and still have healthy boundaries about what you will and won't do for each other.

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