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I've never in my life heard anybody refer to countries of france, canada, and Australia as the same and say they're all white.I suppose if I met enough stupid people maybe but I don't travel in such circles.

An additional 21% said they called themselves American most often, a figure that climbed to 40% among those born in the U. Some find it offensive to be called Hispanic or Latino and prefer to be called by their true ethnic group, such as Mexican, Colombian, Bolivian, etc.

Even though both terms are used interchangeably, there is a difference between Hispanic and Latino.

Hispanic is a term that originally denoted a relationship to ancient Hispania (Iberian Peninsula).

While there is a significant overlap between the groups, Brazilians are a good example of Latinos who are not Hispanic.

Both terms were meant to refer to ethnicity, not race; however, in the U.

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