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And before she could react I'd slid the thin strap of her panties to the side and pressed a finger into the moist folds of her pussy.She gasped loudly as my middle finger slipped easily into her tunnel all the way to the knuckle, and then I pulled my hand back so that my wet fingertips could start rubbing at her clit.And then placing my other head into her moist folds, I leaned in with my hips and slowly buried my dick inside of wet vaginal tunnel.I was so horny and engorged with blood, either my dick felt bigger or she felt even tighter than I'd remembered.As quietly as possible, I padded to the left hallway, glancing in the other direction to ensure her parents were not up and about.

I slipped inside, squinting to see the old posters of Christina's favorite movies, some of which she'd forced me to endure with her on DVD.Quickly I turned and closed the door, wincing at the noise it made when it shut against the doorjamb. I assumed Christina had fallen asleep waiting for me as well.I lifted the covers and spooned in behind her, contouring my body against her relative warmth.So I continued down and found the next door, cracked open just enough to allow a sliver of moonlight to peer through.I peeked inside to see the feminine room, lit only by the moon and decorated in soft purples, which was Christina's favorite color.

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