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Focus on using tools such as being deliberate about decisions and how you spend your time, saying no, exhibiting self-control, and avoiding procrastination.Also schedule dates intentionally, so you show up as your best, well-rested, and least stressed-out self.They also learn about themselves and what they’re looking for through all sorts of dating experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly), and then they apply this knowledge to the present and future.If you’re not a natural at dating, it doesn’t serve you well to give yourself a hard time.Handling and regulating your emotions in healthy and constructive ways, feeling empathy toward others, exhibiting a deep understanding of who you are, and using your emotions as information are key components of emotional intelligence.These skills help facilitate stronger, more intimate relationships and connections and aid you in meeting your own needs (as well as your partner’s).If you feel alone or insecure in your dating struggles, know that most people aren’t naturally comfortable or good at dating.They learn how to date more successfully through practice, experience, patience, and continuously fine tuning their dating skills and approach.

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Being self-aware and emotionally mature makes you an attractive catch.

Assertive communication isn’t about acting out, bullying, or controlling behavior, and it isn’t about being passive, aggressive, or passive-aggressive.

Assertiveness is about using your voice and owning how you feel in a direct manner.

Managing your time well will allow you to actually be present on dates (instead of being in your head worrying about a never-ending to-do list).

If you want to truly be open to love, dating must be a priority that you give time and attention to.

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