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we got a sms msg say hello it is bludevilgirl come see when you know us at date trip. soon as you search that website this was no where to be found.

anybody else get ring backs about SMS never ever sent?

we happen to be receiving alot of weird SMS msgs, had the hope0707 one & other are SMSing us as when we just sms them, some dude rang us earlier today looking who We are cause i have been SMSing him.

The phone number 641-691-2937 is located in or around Marshalltown, IA 50158.

This mobile number is registered with New Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc Il.

" The site does not exist, instead it redirects you to a site called Friend Jungle, which is a known scam.

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we heard 'bout you with a buddy & we needed to say hello.

i am guessing it is only happening to Telus had a msg with maryloubell97. however telus should be able to inform me where the msgs are we just got one more question to ask. these people ae probably attempting to drive taraffic to their site by mis-representing themselves to boyfriend had the identical type of msg the other day.

when somebody was making use of the telus website to send sms these people can be sent with no callback. out of every one who has posted on here about these weird sms msgs. we dont believe that this individual can target specifically male or female cos these people do not recognise who you are. subsequently a 2nd msg stated bet you will not know me, come check us out, wish to see you soon.

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There are 22 user comments, the latest received on Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 at am and it has never been marked as spam. Below you will find additional detailed information: Ya, I got the text message from a fake phone number (it said the phone number was 5000).

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