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I asked him my question anyway (noticing he was fielding the exact same question a lot lately), and got a reply in .

And best of all, his suggestion worked perfectly, and now I'm back to using Bloglines happily, the way that suits me best. It's easy for organizations to let email messages slide, because only that one person knows they sent it in.

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This was two weeks ago, and I still haven't gotten a reply.But listen to this: Blake Carver of has created to host tt-rss for librarians to use! Mainly because it's a little bit faster, it lets me email posts (I'll have to work on the link issue though), I can set individual feeds to show either just titles or entire posts, and it seems closest to what I was used to Bloglines.So if you can't host it yourself but would like to use tt-rss, contact Blake to create an account. I'm still sad about Bloglines, but I think I could get used to either of these. I use Bloglines to read rss feeds, and a couple weeks ago they changed their interface.To me, this indicates a shift in focus, from "user as customer" to "user as product" (meaning, "what's good for me" versus "what's good for them") - which gives me zero incentive to use it anymore*.So, I think the moral of the story also applies to libraries: *Incidentally, this is, as I see it, exactly the business model Facebook uses (and exactly why I don't use Facebook).

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