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As there is no competition, consumers usually buy standard mobile phones that are not locked to any specific carrier.Austria[ edit ] In Austriaunlocking is allowed at any time by the owner of the device.After five codes have been inputted, the phone will not allow the user to try any more codes even if it is correct and will require the owner to try other unlock methods.Laws and practices[ edit ] Many countries listed below have some form of SIM-locking laws specifying the period of SIM locking and the cost of obtaining unlocking codes.Due to the high cost of handsets and the subsidy that Vodafone applies to the handset we have a maximum limit of 3 nac code retrievals in a 12 month period.

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Business customers Please contact your account manager to get the network unlock code.Nonetheless, every one of these sites have step-by-step instructions of how to ascertain the codes from them and how to correctly enter the code into your cellphone.So i will not be giving a step-by-step guide here, but have linked to the site which i have used that sent me a working key code.Unlock your cell phone in 3 simple steps: fast, safe & easy.Once you have followed our simple instructions your phone will be unlocked immediately and ready to use with any network provider. Backed by over 5 million successful unlockings to date. P Blackberry Curve I was skeptical but this worked perfectly.

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