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This means that when I swipe or interact with the app in any way it is communicating with people behind my back.

This puts me in a very awkward position because I’m not a mean person but sometimes I have to just delete interactions with people that I never talked to in order not to get him false hope.

At the bottom of the list of preferences for Black women’s marriage partners is Asian men, with a mere 21 percent agreeing/strongly agreeing and 46 percent disagreeing/strongly disagreeing.

A majority of participants (71 percent) claim they are not attracted to lighter-skinned men—and that percentage will probably never change as long as Idris Elba is alive.

Just under half (47 percent) of respondents state there is no fast rule regarding having sex and the length of dating time.

Only 16 percent claim they would hold out until marriage, although more than one-third of respondents say making love is acceptable once they know a relationship has reached the “exclusive” zone.

Of course, it’s a common belief that staying within one’s culture leads to smoother relationships.

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Next comes social clubs and places of worship (churches/mosques), both at 12 percent.

Valentine’s Day came and went like a Space X Cupid’s arrow.

Romance was in the air on that day, but what about the rest of the year when it comes to Black women?

According to the study, there’s still a “mixed” message when it comes to Black women dating other races If there is a preference for marrying men of another race, it would be those of Hispanic descent, according to the study, with a strong 39 percent of respondents agreeing/strongly agreeing and only 26 percent disagreeing or strongly disagreeing.

In second place come White men, with 28 percent of respondents agreeing/strongly agreeing with that preference and 42 percent disagreeing/strongly disagreeing.

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    Is this a valid reason to keep looking for a different partner? One of the things I’ve learned over thirteen years of giving advice is this: if I ever dare suggest that someone is entitled to not want to date you, I am perceived as an insensitive asshole. In fact, if you were to not consider the effects of being a stepmother and caretaker to a special-needs child, you could be considered hopelessly naïve.