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But it wasn’t really that long ago that a severe case of jungle fever could land you in prison.Interracial mingling had been frowned upon in America as long there’s been an America.That isn’t my way of fishing for compliments, it’s not really about me at all, it’s about them.Some of these ladies have mentioned that certain members of their familily wouldn’t approve of them dating black men. ” and can’t you make your own decisions without getting everyone’s approval on the matter?As a black man I feel that a lot of women need help when it comes to dating black men.If you’re a woman of another race, making the bold move of dating black men may or may not have come with much consternation — and perhaps some disapproval from friends or family.

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As we’ve said before, it’s not 1947, so dating black men will not likely get you threatened or incarcerated.

And while I’m sure you don’t need a history lesson to be convinced that breaking this firmly held taboo has always been a no-no, here’s a fact that may help you realize just how firmly held the taboo has been: the marriage ban of interracial couples lasted over a century past the civil war.

Depending on where you live, it is possible that your own family may hold onto the beliefs that kept laws against different race marriages around for so long.

There definitely are some white women that are open to dating black men in America.

But I think that most white women are not willing to make that leap.

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