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But like Prestige said, men are arguably bigger on pampering than women. And the sooner you think you are beautiful is the same minute that the world will begin to agree with you. So no obese chicks in 2-piece swimsuits because it doesn’t mean you are confident, that shows you are faking confidence.

But fellas, with all of the tough exterior and concern about what is a manly word and what will your boys think….guys send off the WRONG signs. Nor does it mean that the skinny girl who believes that she has the bomb as body should go around and show everyone. Make yourself less available and show him that you have a life to live with or without him. So relax ladies, your asking is why your relationships keep failing.

The majority of them seem to like massages, outside of the obvious sex. each man is very different in what it is that he likes and/or considered as catering to activities.

No one makes me laugh harder than Christ-O’s answer, but if that is what he likes, then as his woman I suggest that you learn how to roll something for him to smoke… Keith didn’t hurt you, he may in the future, but you dont know that yet. Imagine how many times iron has to be melted, molded, and hit over and over again to get it to a point where it holds up structures, becomes the frame for others.

Don’t be afraid to approach us, and don’t let those wanna-be independent women scare you off from the real powerhouses that we are. So, as long as I allow my man to do “things” for me, then he feels like a man and all is gravy. Do I respect my man to hear him out when he verbalizes his needs?

Trust me, you haven’t had a woman until you’ve had one that can negotiate the closing costs on a house being built and then come home and take care of you in the house. I don’t want to be alone, so don’t leave me out here alone on Confusion Island. So, I shouldnt have to touch a door in the presence of a man, pull out a chair, or cut my grass ( I don’t know, so I am halfway there), and let him make all of the decisions.

As a senior, he starred in "Home," a play directed by Segun Ojewuyi, assistant professor in theater.

The play centered on "a man's search for himself." He also played the lead in other SIUC plays, including "The Greenbird" and "Parade." Besides SIUC, Belasco put in time at Chicago's famed Second City, and participated in the TVI Actors Studio Summer Institute in Los Angeles, and a master class with acting instructor David Aulicino.

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I mean, the fastest ways to piss me off is to not act your age and to stab Chivarly in the back in my presence. I would rather have fought Jim Crow than to squabble with Dumbasses. But I was right on point when it came to them liking when their woman catered to them. Now is the time to believe it and understand the effects of it. If there are things that you want them to change, you too have to be more willing to change the things about you that bother them. I suggest to myself that I need to follow my advice. You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.If it werent engrained in me to be this way, I dont know if my guy would ever be pampered. I’ll never forget the time I bought my guy a huge sunflower, which is actually the most masculine flower, and he took care of that damn thing and wouldnt let it die. Think about it, some of the most valuable collections of the world are behind glass and locked up where no one can see it or have limited access. You are worth being the first to know that you are beautiful and worth being loved. We must all learn to shut up SOMETIMES and listen just as much as we wish to be listened to. Your overall problem is talking, so shut up to your friends and to your man when it comes to where this relationship is headed… Women are soft and we like clean nails, soft ER hands and soft ER feet rubbing up against us. When I asked him why he cared for it so much he said, “Because no one has ever done anything like that for me before and I wanted to take care of it to show you how much I appreciated you. Another time I taped a card to the ceiling above the bed for my man to see when he woke up while I was in the kitchen cooking breakfast with ALL of his favorite things. Or you THOUGHT you looked fat and need to hear someone else say the words that mimic the thoughts in your head. Love yourself first, trust me when I tell you it is a beautiful thing. Aries Brotha makes a great point about boasting and being a bug-a-boo. if you read my Advice from the Other Woman blog you would know that you don’t tell your friends SHIT!! Only stupid females and high school chicks share the details of their relationships. Your man is telling you that if you tell you must have wanted someone to know so you can’t get mad when he gives a private tutorial to your best friend…lmao. And bugging him about where the relationship is headed is a sign that you are desperate.

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