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The punchline, the billboard implies, is that the presidential election has made a vulnerable population even more vulnerable to deportation, and more likely to turn to sex work as a means of security.Arrangement Finders rented the billboard space “in response to Donald Trump's promise to deport all 11 million of the nation’s undocumented immigrants,” Jacob Webster, the company’s CMO told CBS Austin.

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“But then I visited the website and found out that, sadly, it's very real.”A pro-Trump Austinite also told The Daily Beast she was scandalized -- but because the billboard appeared to promote immigration.

A niche site said it was only trying to comment on the presidential election when it posted massive Austin, Texas billboard encouraging undocumented immigrants to get sugar daddies “before you get deported”.“Arrangement Finders” is one in a growing genre of sugar baby dating sites, which advertise benefactor-with-benefits relationships.

The trend has been derided by some as exploitative, hailed by others as legitimate means of dating or sex work.

If that were to happen, we’d never hear the end of it.”Arrangement Finder and its parent company Ruby did not respond to requests for comment on Sunday.

Elliot is 45, gainfully employed, lonesome, and looking for a pretty young college girl to spend money on.

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