Being too picky in dating

"One of the most confounding experiences you hope never again to repeat is feeling fooled."According to Wish, especially if someone hasn't had much success in their previous relationships or effectively spotted those warning signs before, they may want or to take extra time when searching for their perfect match.In that case, she says, "It can be wise to be picky." You're able to get better at assessing people, "gain some valuable maturity time for your brain," and even focus on your personal goals and career path."Bottom line — you'll be happier when you get what you actually want," she says.You do have to be careful that you don't become overly picky for the wrong reasons, though.

However, since the dating scene is so different in 2019, millennials have the opportunity to design romance and decide what a relationship looks like to them.

Susan Winter, NYC relationship expert and love coach, agrees, saying there are benefits to being picky.

You likely won't let someone else's romantic preference or goals take over your own, and might even discover yourself "trying on" new relationships and partners to find what you want.

If you're this kind of person, you may to be discerning, but you're actually "operating from a place of fear." And so, you tend to deal with "narcissists, toxic insecurity, and other self-involved individuals" knocking at your door.

According to Rhodes, that means your mind, body, and soul may not be as in alignment as someone who is considered to be discerning.

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