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I still have as much passion and desire as when we first met. One couple we spend time with sat here last Sunday night and he did not take his hand off her knee except when he was eating.they are in their 40's and have been dating 5 month less than us.I am tired of feeling neglected and will click accept twice if you can help me with this one.If most relationships are not like this, I will do my best to try to help him understand my needs, but If most men are like this, than I will accept that I just happen to get one them and let him be himself. I have looked over the internet and have even looked at some 'men only' websites like (a popular men's magazine) for some possible surveys they have taken from men about issues like this and have come up with nothing.just the lack of interest and sex (now going on 17 days) is hard enough for me.

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Hello and thanks for the question From a medical stand point, it is not that uncommon for the sex drive to decrease as the levels of testosterone begin to decrease somewhat with age...however, this is not a rule.

Don't let the conversation involve sex, but more of a subject of 'needs'.

Let him know that you enjoy the act of touching and ask him if he does. Try not to be confrontational but rather concerned.

That being said, the physical act of touching is psychological and not medical.

I would say if he has stopped the acts of affection and you can put a time frame on it, (as you did-about a year ago) I would ask him if he is the type of person who is not comfortable with all the 'touchy-feely' aren't.

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