Battlefield 2142 awards not updating

Battlefield 2 was the first game in the franchise to include persistent character progression.

As players earn points, they earn rank promotions for their account.

Battlefield 2 is the first modern military game in the Battlefield franchise.

Taking place during a fictional 21st century war, the game features present day weapons, vehicles and a new persistent progression model.

Each map has two opposing armies fighting over a territory.

To win the match one team must reduce the other team's "tickets" to zero.

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The combination of these updates makes it easier for players to coordinate attacks across large maps. The Euro Force booster pack added the European Union as a fourth faction.

Players start at Private and, as they play the game, they earn Private First Class, Sergeant and so on.

Each promotion earns the player a new weapon unlock.

A few of the classes have different ways of earning points: For example, the medic class earns points for healing and resurrecting players, and the support class earns points for giving allies ammunition.

There are about 30 vehicles in the game which are all based on real-life military vehicles.

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