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Afterwards you will be taken to the “Garden of Eden” for your 90-minute couples massage, followed by a relaxing bath, glasses of champagne, all accompanied by fruit and chocolate.

This package is €99 per person but well worth every penny.

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Don't try this unless you have bail money set aside. I am a healthy twenty-three-year old college coed and a part-time fitness instructor.

But it was such a short drive home and we hate to begin a discussion that we know we won’t be able to finish.

Once home, we changed our clothes, picked up some different clothes for the kids, and traded the Odyssey for the...

If you’re looking for a new and romantic experience to share with your significant other, you should consider one of the many spas in Barcelona that offer luxurious massages for couples.

This experience will leave you both feeling totally relaxed and at peace and leave you with a renewed energy.

These next couple of chapters I'm going to tell you the more sordid of the stories I've had over the years.

You can book your massage by phone or through the website using the online booking form, as a previous appointment is necessary.

Bali Spirit Spa is a spa that specializes in the Indonesian style of massages in an indulgent and luxurious atmosphere.

While they offer a wide variety of massages and services, for couples they offer a special message package.

In a beautifully decorated room with candles and incense you will feel transported to a place of romance and serenity.

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    (10a) "County program" means a mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse services program established, operated, and governed by a county pursuant to G. "Dangerous to himself" means that within the relevant past: 1. Access to substance abuse records and redisclosure of protected information shall be in compliance with federal confidentiality laws protecting medical records. The term does not include a primary diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Department to establish statewide supportive housing program for individuals transitioning into community living; purpose. Licenses shall be renewed annually thereafter and shall expire at the end of the calendar year. At least the following specific issues shall be addressed at the administrative hearing: (1) The reasonableness of the amount of any civil penalty assessed, and (2) The degree to which each factor has been evaluated pursuant to subsection (c) of this section to be considered in determining the amount of an initial penalty. The confidentiality of client information shall be preserved in all matters except those pertaining to the necessity for admission or continued stay in the facility or commitment under review. Confidential information disclosed pursuant to this subsection is restricted from further disclosure. In adopting rules, the Commission shall take into consideration federal regulations and national accreditation standards. Communication strategies for defusing and deescalating potentially dangerous behavior. A copy of the plan shall be furnished to the client or to his legally responsible person and, with the consent of the client, to the client's next of kin. The client was voluntarily admitted or committed to the facility while under order of commitment to a correctional facility of the Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice of the Department of Public Safety; or c. (d) Except as provided in subsections (e) and (h) of this section, each minor client who is receiving treatment or habilitation in a 24-hour facility has the right to: (1) Make and receive telephone calls. The court shall show on the order the outpatient treatment physician or center that is to be responsible for the management and supervision of the respondent's outpatient commitment. At the supplemental hearing the court shall determine whether the respondent continues to meet the criteria specified in G. If the court determines that the respondent continues to meet the criteria for inpatient commitment, it shall order the continuation of the original commitment order. (a) Except as provided in subsections (b) and (b1) of this section, the attending physician shall discharge a committed respondent unconditionally at any time he determines that the respondent is no longer in need of inpatient commitment. The district attorney of the district where respondent was found incapable of proceeding may represent the State's interest at the hearing.(b1) If the respondent was initially committed pursuant to G. 15A-1321, 15 days before the respondent's discharge or conditional release the attending physician shall notify the clerk of superior court. The district attorney for the original trial may represent the State's interest at the hearing. Provided, that in no event shall discharge or conditional release under this section be allowed for a respondent during the period from automatic commitment to hearing under G. 122C-268.1.(c) If a committed respondent under subsections (a), (b), or (b1) of this section is from a single portal area, the attending physician shall plan jointly with the area authority as prescribed in the area plan before discharging or releasing the respondent. Reexamination for capacity to proceed prior to discharge. (a) Any individual who has knowledge of a substance abuser who is dangerous to himself or others may appear before a clerk or assistant or deputy clerk of superior court or a magistrate, execute an affidavit to this effect, and petition the clerk or magistrate for issuance of an order to take the respondent into custody for examination by a physician or eligible psychologist.